Buying Process
  1. 1

    Register your interest

    You’ve found a mortgage product you like and have agreed on it as a mortgage ‘in principle. This tells you how much money the lender is likely to offer and the interest rate you’ll pay. You will now need to register your interest either on our website or alternatively by visiting our office in Sudbury Town or calling our sales department on 020 8904 5040.

    If you have not found a mortgage provider, our sister company Glenmore Finance Limited can assist you with residential and commercial loans, bridging loans, and HMOs. For further information please contact the team on 0208 908 2514.

  2. 2

    Finding the right property

    Your details and requirements are now registered with Glenmore. We will proceed with the search for your ideal home that matches your criteria. Furthermore, we will keep in regular touch to give you updates on new properties.

  3. 3

    Making an offer

    You’ve found a home that suits all your requirements, our sales negotiators will now put forward your formal offer to the sellers both verbally and in writing. They will also state any special requirements previously discussed between the two parties. As a prerequisite, we will also ask you to provide several documents such as proof of ID, proof of funds, and an Approval in Principle (AIP) letter.

  4. 4

    Offer Accepted

    Congratulations, your offer has been accepted by the seller, Glenmore will now formally write to all parties involved and request the solicitor details for both the buyer and seller. A sales memorandum will be prepared and sent to the buyer, seller, and solicitors for both parties.

  5. 5

    Exchanging of Contracts & Completion

    The solicitors will work on the relevant legal documents and liaise with one another to process the purchase. Our sales department will assist your solicitor along the way with any additional requirements. Once all the legal paperwork has been completed then the contracts can be exchanged. Both parties will sign these documents. The completion date will also be confirmed at this stage on which date you will receive the keys to the property.

    Congratulations, you have bought your new property!