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Selling Process

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1 Valuation

You want to sell your property for the best market value. With over 20 years of experience in the industry Glenmore pride itself in providing honest valuations alongside the necessary comparables in your area. We will also keep you informed of any market fluctuations in order to manage expectations. It is important to manage a property’s market value correctly in order to attract potential buyers.

2 Selecting an estate agent

Selling your home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in your lifetime, and choosing the right estate agency will be important to help you with the entire process. At Glenmore, we will provide a comfortable environment, expert services and the enthusiasm to help you sell your property for the very best price. We will deliver professional advice and ensure quality marketing content to showcase your home.

3 Instructing a solicitor

Selling your property can seem like a daunting process, therefore solicitor guidance and instructions will be crucial to help you with your decision. Ensuring that the sale of your new home goes through on time, without delay, can become stressful, therefore it is important to do some basic research into which conveyance solicitor is best for you. You can also save time when selling your property by letting your solicitor know in advance that you would like to use their services for the sale.

4 Presenting your property

We want your property looking its very best to attract potential purchasers. Alterations such as painting, decorating or a general clean up can make all the difference in the presentation for a quick and successful sale. Presentation is everything when marketing a property and can be the difference between a successful sale and whether you get the asking price. The internet is a powerful tool and submitting proper images of your property will attract thousands of views which in turn will bring you a suitable buyer.

5 Marketing your property

You will want to have the appropriate tools at your disposal to present your property at its very best to the market. Glenmore will provide you with instructions and packages that will illustrate the marketing procedure, and ensure it is attractively exposed to potential buyers.

6 Accompanied viewings

Glenmore will ensure you receive enough notification of a pending visit to avoid any inconvenience. Thanks to our long working hours we are happy to accommodate viewings until 7pm on weekdays, and we’re available on Saturday until 5pm.

7 Receiving an offer

The buyers like what they see and have submitted a formal offer. We will notify both parties both verbally and in writing, consisting of any conditions that were agreed upon beforehand.

8 Offer agreed

You have agreed to offer, now Glenmore will write to all parties involved informing them of the acceptance. We will ask you to confirm your solicitor’s details and prepare a memorandum of sales. Once complete the solicitors will be instructed to liaise with the buyers’ representatives to carry out the legal work. Our sales department will be with you every step of the way and ensure both solicitors have the necessary assistance to ensure a smooth process.

9 Exchange of contracts

All the legal paperwork has been completed and now the contracts can be exchanged. Both parties will sign these documents and 10% of the sale price will be transferred to your solicitors. The completion date will also be confirmed at this stage.

10 Completion

The remaining 90% of the sale price will be transferred and the buyer will receive the keys to the property. This finalises the sale process.