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1. How long do I have to stay?

2. What information should I supply?

3. What is a tenancy agreement?

4. What am I responsible for?

5. What else do I pay for?

6. What is a "Holding Deposit"?

7. Do you charge fees to tenants?


How long do I have to stay?

We require a minimum period of six months and usually a maximum of 1 year. However, if you wish to take a shorter contract it may be possible to negotiate an earlier break clause to be written into the tenancy agreement. Basically you will be liable for the full amount of the rent until the end of the agreed rental period unless a new tenant can be found.

What information should I supply?

References - We will require addresses, (or fax numbers or e-mail) of referees who will confirm your ability to meet the rent regularly. Usual referees are your employer, your bank, previous landlords, accountants or solicitors. In the absence of suitable references, a guarantor will usually be required

What is a tenancy agreement?

It is a legally binding document outlining an agreement between you and the landlord in respect of the property. It sets out the amount payable as rent, the length of the tenancy, any break points agreed and your rights and responsibilities. It will probably be an "Assured" or an "Assured Short hold" tenancy under the provisions of the 1988 Housing Act. For companies or for rental amounts in excess of £25000 pa the agreement will be drawn up under contract law.

What am I responsible for?

Allowance will be made for "fair wear and tear", but the tenant is responsible for taking proper care of the premises and should undertake small tasks around the house. Any specific responsibilities should be set out clearly in the tenancy agreement. You should read this carefully before you sign, if in doubt please ask us.

What else do I pay for?

Utilities mainly, gas, electricity, water and council tax.

What is a "Holding Deposit"?

A holding deposit is a deposit against the administration costs that are incurred at the start of a tenancy. It is usually a nominal amount payable when you make a firm offer. If you subsequently decide to pull out then you will forget the deposit. If the landlord pulls out it will be refunded to you. If the deal goes ahead then the deposit is offset against the Administration charges, the deposit and the advance rental.

Do you charge fees to tenants?

We don’t charge registration fees to tenants. However there will usually be certain costs that the new tenant is expected to cover. These fees will include administration costs for drawing up a tenancy agreement, for taking up references and for agreeing an inventory of contents.

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