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Estate Agents in North West London

Looking at securing your perfect property within walking distances to the famous Wembley Stadium? Or simply looking for a property with close proximity to local amenities, schools and easy access to Central London? North West London, is the place to be. With Boxpark coming to Wembley and major changes in and around North-West London – there is really no other place to be.

North West London Estate Agents

Glenmore Properties are based in North West London. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service, along with the most sought-after properties in Sudbury, Wembley, Harrow and Greenford.

FINANCIAL ASPECTS - As you know, the cost of living keeps going up. That’s why, we guide you on the best prices when it comes to renting/buying, choosing the right utility providers and much more!

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS - When coming to viewings, asking questions like; how long is left on the lease? How much is council tax? These types of questions will go a long way in managing your expectations and finances.

CHOOSING THE MORTGAGE THAT SUITS YOU – Once you’ve found your property, discovering a mortgage that works for you is essential. Talk to a Mortgage Advisor and tell them the purpose of your purchase, if it’s a buy-to-let, first-time buyer etc. Mortgage Advisors have exclusive rates and packages to meet all your needs.

GOVERNMENT-BACKED SCHEMES - Check out the government-backed schemes to see if there are any that might work for you. Things such as the Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes can really help in securing your property. T&C’s apply to all schemes.

GUARANTOR - If you’re having a hard time obtaining a property, you may be able to have a parent, guardian or close relative accepted to be a guarantor. This implies they’ll be accountable for paying if you cannot.

What we Offer in North West London

As Estate Agents in North West London, we here at Glenmore Properties want to help you with the process of buying and selling properties, we want to guide you with proper suggestions and complete information when you’re looking in to buying your new home or renting a property.

We offer the very best estate representative services in North West London. If you do require any assistance with trying to find or purchasing your very first home, contact your trusted Estate Agents in North West London– Glenmore Properties. Do not hesitate to call our team call 020 8904 5040 or email info@glenmoreproperties.co.uk, get in touch with us on social media as well.

All the areas listed above are all based in North West London. We offer the very best advice, service and properties in North West London. If you require any assistance when securing your property, we have an amazing team available to talk to you about your needs. All you have to do is simply call 020 8904 5040 or email info@glenmoreproperties.co.uk to get in touch with us.

We’re also available on live chats, DMs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day.

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